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Theological Commentary by Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski


Creation in Nothingness Theory

Epistemological Commentary by Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski
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Creation in Nothingness Theory

Nothingness is relative non-existence.  Absolute non-existence is postulated by the logic of the theory.  Theologians pick up from here and say that absolute non-existence is the closest science can get to what they would call the Fullness of Existence, which is God.

Then, the explanation why there is something rather than nothing is that relative non-existence (nothing) is attracted to the Fullness of Existence.  This process creates something, and so the Fullness of Existence in theological terms is the Creator.

Also God is conceived as the Being whose essence is to exist.  That’s why He is absolute.  All other beings are contingent participations in Absolute Being.  By the way, only theology permits us to address God as He, a personal being who creates out of love.  In philosophy Absolute Being is still an It.

You should know that the technical Medieval Latin term for creation is creatio ex nihilo (“creation out of nothing”).  Nothing meant no pre-existent matter.  This is an advance over the Genesis account where God’s creation is portrayed as creating order (cosmos) out of pre-existent chaos (the tohu-wabohu in Hebrew).

Also, creation is not to be conceived as a single act.  Creation is exercised by maintaining or preserving in existence whatever is.  Theology next postulates divine providence, which guides and directs the evolutionary process without interfering with natural laws.  The attractor of chaos theory and information theory is indicative of this underlying order, which emerges over time.

Somethingness Theory



If there is something,

then there must be

Something Else.



this is a corollary of

Nothingness Theory,

which shows that

the cosmos in the state of

No Thing,

is in relative non-existence.

Absolute Non-existence

is what exerts the attraction

to produce some thing

from no thing.



In natural philosophy,

Absolute Nothingness is the

Something Else

that accounts for

any thing at all.

In theological terms

that Something Else

is the Fullness of Existence,

or God.


Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski

November 24, 2003