The coarse wind filled and emptied

the spiral shell.

“I am the sand” said the shell.

Wind rose as waves laughed.

“I’m waiting for emptiness which has already come”.

Wind paused with distant thunder,

waves were thoughtful.

“There’s no waiting you know”

(We’re not sure who said that).

After awhile

There was a slight rustling of sand around the shell.

“Well, I’m waiting anyway”

as shell and sand became mixed.

Dogs ran by and were gone.

A speckled gray stone peered up through shallow water.

Waves lapped at the shoreline above it.

Shell said:

“I love my rain girl

and she will empty my emptiness”.

Wind howled, thunder clapped, waves rolled

what a song!

Many flapping wings were heard.

Feet walked the pier and were gone.

“I can swallow streaks of sunlight”

said shell offhandedly.

Clouds shifted, sun brightened.

Exactly one thousand years later

no one listened

as shell became sand.

© Corey Kaup 8/12/95

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