Janetís House


This is the land that Janet built

In it creatures gliding diving

sweeping paths through sunflowers thriving

scattered wide we glide and fly


In Janetís house itís sailing time

building time and swimming time

taking full measure by giving time

with time to dance and cry


This is the garden that Janet built

with water she made still

and paved as silver glass

that reflects the endless sky


Sky holds sun that Janet built

Sun sings song she sings

Sly sun song bursts in happy house

whose windows watch the gardenís joust

with an unblinking eye


In Janetís house itís playing time

flying crying trying time

Itís time to plant

to reap and sew

to dance and rave

and take it slow


Itís time to stop and look around


In Janetís house a womanís voice speaks for me

it says:

ďListen for this sound

a humĒ


I sail past the silver pool

interrupting piercing rays

thrusting up from golden darkness

over gardens

dark and still

they silently,

and patiently,

and almost lying perfectly

reflect the endless sky

© C. Kaup Ė 6/12/99


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